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About Health Education and Relief Foundation (HEAR)

HEAR’s mission is to invest in and help develop small, well-designed programs that bring about permanent change in people’s lives, communities, and environments.  HEAR programs are developed with the goal of creating clear, demonstrable impact and measures of success. Each program empowers those in need and helps them gain independence.

HEAR Scholar Veronika Matsuk at the 2016 Award Ceremony.

Did you HEAR? We are going paperless!

Applications are now accepted through an online portal

We are thrilled to announce that as of this October, the HEAR Scholarship application process is entirely web-based. That means no more paper booklets to fill out, copy, or scan; no more physical copies that can get lost; and hopefully one fewer obstacle for a hopeful, college-bound Chicagoland high school senior looking for a helping hand.

Applicants can begin their application early and save the results as often as needed until they have obtained all the required paperwork. Counselors, teachers, and other recommenders can upload their letters or transcripts through the online system.

We are excited for this change and hope you are too! If you have questions or concerns about the new platform, contact us or click below to browse the new application.

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