Class of 2018 Chaddick Scholar, Nubia Dandridge, has taken the opportunity to spend one her of last semesters before graduating studying in London. She arrived in late August and says “I’ve been in London for 5 weeks and I already feel like I can stay here forever. Although the language is the same, the culture and mannerisms are like night and day. I’m living in central London, right next to Hyde Park, one of my favorite parts about living where I do”.

Nubia is really enjoying the classes that she is taking, one of which is a class on Black British Music. They’ve had field trips to the famous steel pan yard and Ronnie Scott’s jazz club. The class focuses on exploring and explaining multiple music genres and artists through the history, culture, racial and sociopolitical elements of black and African presence in London and the subsequent messages melodized through songs. She is also taking Documenting Reality: Factual Formats in British Television, (Sex, Gender & the City), (World Cities and Global Cinema).

Nubia is majoring in Radio, TV, and Broadcasting Journalism at Syracuse University and said in her application to study abroad “living in another major western city would allow me to compare and contrast various skills, techniques, customs, and beliefs that exist for filmmaking and philosophy in one part of the world, but may differ significantly in other parts.” The classes that she has chosen to study whilst living in London provide an excellent addition to her studies.

Having no classes on Tuesdays or Fridays has provided Nubia with an opportunity to travel, explore and absorb as much of London and Europe as she can. In only 5 weeks she has already traveled to Dublin and plans to go to Italy, Paris, Amsterdam, Spain, Turkey and more! We look forward to bringing you more updates of Nubia’s adventures over the coming months.

One last, particularly poignant, comment of Nubia’s from her application to study abroad… “For any student seeking knowledge and a better understanding of themselves and the world around them, attending a four-year university and then opting to study and live abroad for several months in a foreign country is a surefire way to enrich the mind, the body, and the soul”. This is only possible due to the generosity of the donors and supporters of the HEAR Foundation, and for that our scholars continue to be very grateful.

Photographs to follow!

Nubia Dandridge
Class of 2018
Syracuse University
Chaddick Scholar