We are delighted to announce that Andrea Zuleta and Carlos Montero have both been accepted into programs of further education.


Andrea (a Class of 2017 HEAR Scholar) is joining the ranks of HEAR Scholars going on to a Master’s Degree. She has just accepted a place on the Kellogg MS of Management Studies Program! This is a one-year program, beginning in June, and Andrea couldn’t be happier. Andrea had a couple of options to choose from, but decided that the Kellogg program was best suited to her. We are so proud of her, and look forward to seeing how she progresses!


Carlos (a HEAR Graduate of 2016) has just been accepted into the University College of Medicine. Carlos has been one of our strongest, most active scholars, and has spent time in China, participated in studies and co-authored papers, and his cumulative GPA upon graduation was 3.49! He is also one of our most avid volunteers. We
have no doubt that Carlos will be a wonderful addition to the medical field.


Andrea Zuleta
Class of 2017
Northwestern University

Carlos Montero (Kirkegaard Scholar)
Class of 2016
University of Illinois