The Milagros workshop participants measuring bracelets/ Participantes de los talleres Milagros midiendo pulseras

The Milagros workshops have initiated the first steps in import/export shipping and logistics of the Milagros products.  This is a test of the model and is only possible due to the support of community members in Jalapa and Guatemala City.

This is the first time that the young women are functioning completely independently with production- a major first step in establishing their independence as a business. They are responsible for scheduling the workshop times, monitoring supply use, inspection/quality control and inventory and delivering products for transport to the capital and then onto the United States.

Additionally,  samples have been sent to two more retail outlets who have expressed an interest in Milagros products.  The next phase of planning the workshops requires coordinating supply in Jalapa and demand in the United States- no small feat!

Participants performing germination experiment/ Participantes realizando un experimento de germinacion

This week the agriculture classes begin, led by our on-site staff member Luis Cerna.  Each class will have a theoretical and a practical component.  The residents will learn about seed germination through an in-class experiment, as well as an overview of soil fertility.  They will then be planting and harvesting a number of different crops and learning about how to keep good records of the harvest of each vegetable using a newly purchased simple weight.  As many of the residents go into specialized fields in the later years of high school-typically in secretarial skills or basic accounting- it is especially valuable that they receive coursework in the sciences.

Weighing the latest harvest/ Pesando la cosecha