Melissa R is a sophomore at the University of Chicago. She is double majoring in Global Studies and International Relations. She has been building a strong relationship with her mentor Mary, and they recently met for lunch. Melissa updated Mary on a sociology research paper she was writing about people who are “disappeared” by the Mexican government which Mary is dying to read! She also shared her plans for the summer.

Mary thanked HEAR for connecting them, saying she was constantly impressed by Melissa, “She’s so ambitious and has such a calm demeanor, even while interviewing with the FBI, which she said was very intimidating! She’s interning with the embassy of Azerbaijan and the Mexican consulate in Chicago. I hope she gets the D.C. internship because I also had one there after my sophomore year of college, so we would have that in common. She never seems to need any advice and she’s much more level headed and less anxious than I was as a college student. I’m pretty sure I’ll see her serving in the U.N. some day!”

We’re delighted that Mary and Melissa are developing such a great mentoring relationship. We are also very grateful to Mary for helping to support one of our scholars. While she may think that Melissa doesn’t seem to need her, we know how important it is to have someone championing our scholars in their pursuit of a college degree!

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