The Dilnyy brothers on campus at UIUC.

Ivan Dilnyy (left) with his brother Tomas on campus at UIUC.

Ivan and his twin brother Tomas are about to enter Senior Year at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As for many other students, the twins’ final summer and college year are dedicated to looking beyond graduation and into their future career. 

This past summer, I interned for Cesaroni Design Associates immediately after finals ended. The work I was doing isn’t directly related to my field of study (Nuclear Engineering), but I enjoyed it and value the experience. I personally appreciated working in a slightly different field and outside of my comfort zone while being surrounded by individuals who did work closely with engineering (they were industrial engineers and designers). Additionally, I was able to get first hand experience in the workplace as this was my first ever internship, and I learned how to communicate and work in a team-based setting.

During and after my internship, I was training for this upcoming fall rugby season. As a senior on the Illinois Men’s Rugby team, I have a vital leadership role, which I have already stepped up into for several months. This will also be my 3rd year as a starter (I became a starter after playing collegiate rugby for just one year), so I will have to bring in confidence and experience. This is by far the greatest I’ve ever felt for a season, so I’m confident it will be a good one. As the only unfunded and non-coached team in the Big 10, we’re ready for an underdog story in both the fall and spring seasons.

On that note, I also feel the most confident about managing my academics and athletics. My past three years of college contained both highs and low, and I am very grateful for both. There were many learning experiences, all for my positive development as a scholar and a person. I look forward to learning more about the senior level topics in engineering, as I have grown more interested in nuclear engineering since I was a freshman. For this reason, I am more excited than ever to embark on another school year. With academics, rugby, and also playing a lead role in my fraternity as founding father and social chair, I believe this year will prove to be the best. Fight on Illini.

Ivan Dilnyy
HEAR Class of 2017
Nuclear Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign