“Love the children first, then teach them.”

– Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

In 10 Years I will be……

Scholars from our Class of 2021 share their dreams at our Annual Awards Ceremony.

Dennis McCarthy
Class of 2021
Lewis University

Amanda Bardhoshi
Class of 2021
Loyola University

Richard Mbouombouo
Class of 2021
Yale University

Andrea Guzman
Class of 2021
University of Missouri

Our Scholarship Program

HEAR Scholarship Chair Dr. Ray Pollina with 2016 HEAR Scholars

HEAR Scholarship Chair Dr. Ray Pollina with 2016 HEAR Scholars

The HEAR Foundation began the HEAR Scholarship program in 2010 with the goal of helping college-bound students with financial need, who had demonstrated a commitment to their schools and communities.

The HEAR Scholarship Foundation awards a $20,000 tuition scholarship to Chicagoland High School seniors from disadvantaged homes, who demonstrate commitment to their community. Scholarships are paid directly to the college, in increments of $5,000 a year, for four years of higher education.

Applicants need to prove they have financial need, must fulfill HEAR’s minimum academic requirements, and must show that they are of outstanding character and caring, active members of their communities.

Our scholarship recipients have gone on to Marquette, Syracuse, Loyola University Chicago, Dickinson, Carroll, and Harvard University, University of Southern California, Northeastern University Chicago, Northeastern University Boston, Tampa and Michigan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Agnes Scott College, DePaul University, UIC and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Mizzou and Northwestern, DePauw University, St. Louis, Hampton and Southern University, ITT in Chicago, Elmhurst College, and Middlebury. Our scholars have been able to maintain a cumulative GPA of over 3.45. A growing group of mentors, successful young professionals from various fields, help guide each HEAR scholar through his or her college and future career journey.

All applications for the HEAR Scholarship are done via an online platform. Scholars must upload all documents, send automated messages with transcript and recommendation requests, and submit their applications through the portal. All fully-completed applications undergo a screening process, and successful applicants are invited to attend an interview. From here, our Interview Committee will select successful applicants to become HEAR Scholars for that year.

Scholarship Donors

Did you HEAR? Many contributions have gone into making the HEAR Scholarship a reality. We would like to extend a special thanks to the organizations and families who have donated one or more full HEAR Scholarships:

  • The Cesaroni Family
  • The Chaddick Foundation
  • The Eigel Family
  • The Flatley Family
  • The HEAR Associate Board
  • The Kirkegaard Family
  • The McVean Family
  • The Pollina Family
  • The Schmidt Family
  • The Spaniak Family
  • The Weigel Family
  • The Weiss Family
  • The Whitting Family
  • The Wislow Family
  • The Ziemba Family

Scholarship Application Process

We will shortly be accepting applications for the 2019 HEAR Scholarship.  Students with a strong academic record, excellent character and involvement in their communities and demonstrated financial need are encouraged to apply.

Memorial Scholarships

The HEAR Foundation offers a way to honor and memorialize family and friends who have passed through a Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships provide a specific high school graduate with a scholarship to help pay for their college education. If you would like to find out more please contact us here….

HEAR Foundation Mentoring Program

The HEAR Foundation began its scholarship program in 2009 and awarded its first scholarships in the spring of 2010. In an effort to extend both the short and long term impact of this program, the Foundation added a Mentoring Program.

With our incoming Class of 2022 HEAR Scholars soon to be starting college, we are now looking for new Mentors!

apj_0851“The privilege of being a member of the HEAR Foundation Scholarship Committee was one of the most fulfilling and humbling experiences of my life.

The candidates were incredible young men and women. You seldom come across a collective of people in which each individual leaves such a positive, indelible mark. They shared their story of staring adversity right in the face while maintaining an unwavering commitment to education and volunteering. Each had a vision of how they wanted to change the world; it was as if we were viewing a microcosm of future leaders, and if they accomplish half of what they have in mind, then the future is bright. The process truly sheds light on the financial burden of pursuing a higher education and the importance of making sure people of this caliber have a way to achieve it.

My only regret is that we can’t provide aid to everyone.”

– Casey Crofton
2016 Interview Committee Member

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