Scholarships not only impact students, but also the world in which those students live. 

Why Commit to a Memorial Scholarship?

In the Chicagoland area there are many high school students who wish to attend college but are in need of financial aid in order for them to achieve that ambition. The HEAR Scholarship Foundation is fortunate to have a number of donors who have generously set-up Memorial Scholarships with us.

Starting a memorial scholarship means you can:

  • Memorialize a loved one by helping students with a scholarship in that person’s name;
  • Provide financial aid to students to study in a particular field, such as medicine, writing, or social work;
  • Provide financial aid to students to attend a particular school or type of school;

All scholars at the HEAR Scholarship Foundation have not only been committed to their studies, but have also made a significant impact in their community, and are of high personal integrity.

Providing them with a $20,000, 4-year Memorial Scholarship, means that you will have given a HEAR Scholar an opportunity to fulfill their ambition, and start on a journey to be successful in life, while at the same time memorializing a loved one by giving the gift of education to a very deserving young man or woman striving for the American dream.