Some of the commercial agriculture students

Some of the commercial agriculture students

A local businessman in Jalapa has agreed to contract for vegetables from the home.  A class has been formed of the young women who are closest to finishing their studies and demonstrate interest and skill in commercial agriculture for this purpose.  Yesterday they met with the owner of a restaurant to discuss demand, pricing, and products.  The young women will now have to create a proposal with cost and delivery schedule, and then execute every component of production with the supervision of their teacher.

eeting with the restaurenteur

Meeting with the restauranteur

The young women in this class were thrilled by the opportunity to hone a different set of skills and make new connections in their town.  While many of the girls will stay on in cities, the students of the commercialization class have shared with HEAR a preference for rural life.  This class will allow them to learn the fundamentals of how to successfully create an agriculture-based business in their country and therefore have the freedom to live the kind of life they want.