HEAR Class of 2022 Scholar, Taylor S., is a junior at Ball State University. She is continuing her studies in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her reaction to learning in this environment is very different to that of many of our scholars as they try to adapt to the current situation. Taylor says, “The first few months of my junior year at Ball State have been hectic and different, but they have provided me with some of the greatest learning experiences I have ever had. As a journalism major, reporting and working as managing editor of my college paper during times like this is something many journalism students have not had to experience, and while circumstances may not be ideal, I am thankful for the ways that I have been able to grow and learn in ways students before me have not. I can’t wait to continue learning and reporting, and I am so beyond thankful for HEAR and how much they have helped me with my education. There is nothing more important to me than continuing to learn, and because of HEAR, I am able to do so.”

We are delighted that Taylor is able to embrace these different learning situations and still thrive at college. We think her future in reporting is bright and look forward to keeping you updated of her progress.