We held our Annual Summer Scholar Social on Tuesday, July 25th. We were delighted that so many of our new, current and graduated scholars could attend.

We kicked off with a “get to know you” session at Arrigo Park with our new Class of 2021. A couple of our current scholars also attended, imparting some valuable advice about what to expect in the first few months of college life and how to deal with less rigid schedules and structures (thank you Allison Ledwon, Lynn Weishaupt and Sam Van Loon). After introducing ourselves and sharing where everyone was attending college, we played a game of bags and asked each other questions to break the ice – some interesting responses were noted! Oh, and did I mention the delicious selection of donuts that our Executive Director, Vera Pollina, insisted on bringing?!

After learning more about our new class-mates we headed to Pompei Restaurant on W Taylor St for pizza. We were joined by many of our existing and graduated scholars, and a number of our Board of Directors.  We were also delighted to welcome Bill Cesaroni – a long-standing HEAR Supporter, and Johnny Buchta – one of our HEAR Mentors.

Following a delicious meal of pizza, salad and brownies we got down to the serious business of Trivia! Dividing into teams, each table came up with a number of trivia questions to pose to the other teams. That’s when everyone’s competitive streaks really kicked in. It’s amazing what a talented bunch of scholars we have and what an abundance of trivia they can all come up with. To give you an example did you know how far away from the earth you would have to be to watch the extinction of the dinosaurs live? Apparently it’s 65 million light years!

The evening was a great success with new friendships being made and concerns being allayed. Dr. Ray Pollina concluded the event with an overview of expectations from the HEAR Foundation, emphasizing to our new scholars the importance of the HEAR family – that we are always here if they need anything – and that staying in touch is crucial! If you were unable to attend, never fear, we look forward to organizing another fun event soon.