“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”.

Mother Teresa

HEAR Feeds the Body and the Mind……

When the recession hit in 2008, the HEAR Board of Directors looked for ways to ease the pain in our own backyard. Having seen what a group of volunteers could do in Jalapa, Guatemala, HEAR decided to rally our troops locally and provide help for the most urgent need in our own community: hunger relief. HEAR believes that we need to feed the body and the mind, and sometimes one has to happen before the other can begin. From here, HEAR Feeds was born.

Over the past nine years, HEAR volunteers have distributed over 250,000 lbs of fresh chicken to Chicago’s most underserved neighborhoods. In 2016 HEAR Feeds decided to revive our Feeds program and begin to build an initiative that would combine our two programs: our very own HEAR Scholarship Family would go out and serve its’ community. The two Feeds events in 2016 were extremely successful and went a great way to strengthen our internal family ties.

Ultimately, the goal of volunteering is both altruistic and self-serving: my hungry neighbor is me, and we share the same home. In 2017 we plan on reaching more people, feeding more bodies and more minds. Come be a part of it and help show us that Chicago doesn’t just have big shoulders – it has a big heart.

img_0174HEAR Volunteer Day, Thanksgiving Edition

Saturday, November 19 2016.

In November last year, we once again had the wonderful opportunity to lend a helping hand to families in Englewood and provide part of their Thanksgiving dinner! On November 19, HEAR volunteers returned to St. Sabina for a food distribution just in time for the holidays.

HEAR Volunteer Day, Summer Edition 2016

In June 2016 HEAR Scholars, board members and volunteers from Our Lady of Perpetual Help handed out thousands of pounds of frozen chicken at St. Phillip Neri, St. Silbe and St. Sabina on Chicago’s South Side.  The local residents appreciated the much needed support.

Would you like to join in with our next drive?

Contact us at info@hearfoundation.org.